The Best Place You Need To Visit While In San Francisco

Tourist attraction has so far been the best source of income for most countries around the world. Apart from the countries that have appeared top in the list of the most tourist attraction sites in the world, there are also cities such as San Francisco. If you need to fully enjoy your vacation this city, then you will need to rent a vehicle from Enterprise San Francisco airportthe most recognized car rental industries in San Francisco. Let’s have a look at some of the best places that you need to visits when you are in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge

This is among the top pride of America’s resources that was constructed way back in 1937 by engineer Joseph Strauss. The bridge is as long as 8891 feet constructed to give safe passage across San Francisco Bay. This bridge made movement through the bay very easily as opposed to the time before it was completed when people only used ferries. Most of us have always admired to set their eyes on this bridge. If you need to take a photo of this place to record your historic visits to this place, you can choose places such as Fort Point, Lincoln Avenue and Baker beach for a nice picture session.

Golden Gate Park

All of us enjoy spending their tome in what we call the real appearance of our own natural resources. Golden gate park is considerably larger and it can provide you the best cool environment with hidden treasures, gardens, rolling hills, and trees all over the park. Whether it’s during a hot day, for sure you will find the comfort you anticipate.

This grounds can also form the best camping zone to spend your holiday vacation, provided you are authorized to use the park. It covers more than 1000 acres of space and can accommodate many people. It stretches from Panhandle to Ocean Beach with the most treasured landmarks in San Francisco such as Japanese Tea Garden and Conservatory of Flowers.

Alcatraz Island

Those who like watching American movies would tell you that this is the most complicated military prison that held the most dangerous prisoners way back in 1870. The point when this place turned into the world knows tourist attraction site was in 1934 when it was converted into a Maximum Security Facility. To enjoy the fullness of Alcatraz Island, taking a night tour will give you the real picture of this site. You will not leave this place without listening to stories such as escape plans and prison riots


Thinking about Chinatown away from China itself? Do bother seeking to find more answers, take a guided tour through Chinatown. If you rent a vehicle, you will find it interesting as you will get the opportunity to visits all the remarkable structures like Sing Chong Building and Bank of Canton. This was built in 1800 when there were too many immigrants in San Francisco since then, it has held the culture and the prestige of China citizens living in America.

The Exploratorium

San Francisco is very lucky to have developed such a beautiful and fantastic place in the world. The museum is situated some few distances away from pier 15. You will get a chance to view the fine art of science and interact with others from all over the world.


San Francisco is so large with a big number of residence AND visitors. Getting to know every place that attracts tourist and visitor may need you to rent a vehicle that will enable you to visit all the places highlighted above. Enjoy your tour!

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